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larry smith



A professional Coder who will be addressing the concerns and problems related to BitcoinDiamond And the future updates shall be updated by him.

Graphic designer who wishes to make design for BitcoinDiamond and would like to work with the team.

We are the core developers of BitcoinDiamond Since there has been many ( ICO SCAMS ) we thought about making a ICO-FREE , Eco Friendly Version of Bitcoin A decent neat coin with good specs with a fair staking of 100% for the community so Bitcoin Diamond users can enjoy the true fastest version of Bitcoin. Since this is the beginning we hope our version runs smoothly So far we had success in tweaking the version We have modified the source to its maximum settings The source we have would be on experimental stage for users to experience how it's like to feel the highest speed on bitcoin network. We wanted to make a better coin for the future of bitcoin into Proof of stake method so it could help solving the blocks much easier as earlier version of bitcoin has been through lot of wait time With BitcoinDiamond the wait time is significiantly reduced. The team would be anonymous for its safety concerns but our bitcointalk page would be active for members to


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A marketing advertiser who will be promoting BitcoinDiamond to be on the mainstream he will also be helping towards the plans ahead for BitcoinDiamond.